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Vision & Guiding Principle
The Christian Phone Book and Christian Chamber are built on what BusinessWeek magazine once called "the ultimate competitive advantage": the wealth of proven marketplace strategies found in the Scriptures. We aim not only at growing our clients' businesses, but also adding value to the lives we come in contact with on a daily basis.
One way we do that is by empowering consumers to obtain services and products of the highest quality by pointing them to pre-screened vendors that share their values. Meanwhile, we also work to grow our members' influence and resources by combining authentic Christ-like behavior, accountability and sophisticated marketing tools. We believe that as we apply biblical principles to our business dealings, we'll naturally enjoy increased profits, strengthened relationships and influence in the marketplace.
Advertiser's Challenge
As we partner with each client, we recognize our success and integrity are intimately tied to theirs--hence the need for accountability for all parties.
While none of us is perfect, we do expect our advertisers to continuously strive to be like the Perfect One. So before we endorse and promote member businesses to the public, members agree to consistently practice the following:
  • Provide a fair price
  • Provide high-quality, punctual service and/or products
  • Conduct business with integrity, in a manner consistent with biblical principles
  • Train their staff to represent biblical values and standards
  • Seek to resolve conflicts through a biblically-based conciliation approach
The point is not to make our organization an exclusive one, but to fulfill our collective promise to our community.
Client Feedback
"Advertising with the Christian Phone Book has been my best form of marketing. It has surpassed all our other marketing efforts combined, generating at least 25 new clients last year." Rodney Mann, Miami Accounting
"The Christian Phone Book has consistently been my best advertising investment and has allowed us to reach a base of value-oriented and loyal new customers." Elijah Montgomery, Indiana Plumbing and Drain
"After our listing appeared in the Christian Phone Book, we immediately received an overwhelming amount of calls. Our phone has been ringing off the hook with new prospect inquiries." Rhonda Wagoner, Serendipity Banquet Hall & Catering
Online Reviews
How Are Our Advertisers Doing?
How have our advertisers served you? We'd love to know!
Please submit your feedback right here on ChristianPhoneBook.com to help us monitor our advertisers' service and quality levels. (After finding your vendor, click on "Reviews" and share your experience with us.)
While none of us is perfect, we do have an agreement with the organizations featured on this web site to continuously strive to be like the Perfect One.
We use your feedback to provide personal encouragement or development assistance to our advertisers so they can fine-tune their performance as needed.