Troy L. Thompson, Attorney at Law

Troy L. Thompson, Attorney at Law
Troy L. Thompson, Attorney at Law        

P.O. Box 345
Lebanon, IN 46052
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About Us

Have you thought about your estate - who will receive your assets when you die? 
Have you planned for your estate?

Human nature tends puts off those things which do not seem to need immediate attention. However, delays in making a plan for your estate can be devastating. The stress and anxiety of making last minute plans can lead to mistakes and omissions, as well as limitations by certain technicalities in the law, all of which can be the subject of costly lawsuits and offended heirs.

YOU are in control of your estate but YOU must start the process and make the decisions.

Planning for your estate:
  • will give you peace of mind
  • may help your family to reduce or even eliminate death taxes
  • can avoid the probate process
  • may speed up distribution of assets to your loved ones
  • allows you to decide who will care for your children
  • gives you control of the distribution of your assets
  • gives you the power to choose your personal representative (executor)
  • assures that your decisions are documented regarding your health care decisions

What if you procrastinate and die without a will or trust? Then the state has a plan for you. This includes distributing your estate as legislators decide and not as YOU desire. YOU have not control unless you make a plan.

Do not wait until it is too late.

Call today to discuss your estate planning needs:  (765) 482-6019.

Evening and in-home appointments are available.


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