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Insight To Freedom, Inc.
Insight To Freedom, Inc. Insight To Freedom, Inc. Insight To Freedom, Inc. Insight To Freedom, Inc. Insight To Freedom, Inc.
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Our Outreaches:
- Availability of Insight to Freedom Materials
- Insight to Freedom Basic Seminar
- Insight to Freedom Men's Conference
- "The Love Equation" Marriage Seminar
- Decisions by The Book
- Walking in the Kingdom of God
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About Us

Let us teach you how to gain the biblical insight to effectively identify and be set free from spiritual deficiencies and its entanglements.
Our Scriptural Foundation

Prov. 9:10 tells us that many well intending Christians, due to a lack of this ...insight..., do not know how to walk with God and are living a sinful Babylonian (worldly) lifestyle. That is why God has issued a call to these Christians to ...Come out of her (Babylon), my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues (Rev.18:4).

The Purpose of ITF

ITF is committed to do its part in fulfilling Rev. 18:4 by imparting this ...insight... into Christians and guiding them into reproducing it in themselves in their everyday walk in life. Then they will know how to walk through life free of the Babylonian entanglements of pride, debt, divorce, improperly structured businesses and church governments, etc. that result from Christians not knowing how to walk with God.

The Results

The continuing process of impartation and reproduction of this ..insight... in others is now being fulfilled thru ITF 2010 and the other outreaches of Insight to Freedom. The result is that thousands of Christians are now walking with God, free of Babylonian entanglements - And that is what Insight To Freedom is all about.


Listening to the Insight to Freedom ďBasic SeminarĒ audios was one of the more anointed spiritual times in my life. It was if God had a megaphone in my ear. John speaks truth that needs to be heard. John, Donna and the teachings of John Deal will always hold a special place in my heart. It is where I truly first heard from God. Thanks John and Donna. ~ Todd, Oklahoma

I wanted to comment on the Menís Conference in Indianapolis last weekend. It was beautiful. I appreciated the leadership and speakers. I canít even remember such a love directed towards the people who attended. It wasnít displayed only in hugs, but in time, in prayer and in sacrifice to people who had nothing to offer in return. I was encouraged by the holiness of the hearts of the leadership, not self righteousness, but the desire to walk as Christ did. I also heard wisdom (I love wisdom) but nothing matched the love. I was fed, chastened, challenged and affirmed. Thanks for a great weekend. ~ Robert,† IN

My husband and I attended an ITF Basic Seminar in the mid 90's that impacted our life tremendously. It taught us to dig into God's word for the truth. We started applying the principles of this teaching to our life and have seen God work in an amazing and awesome way. ~†Myra, AL

The ITF Men's conference has helped to make me a better man and husband and helped me overcome the fears in my life. To see men come together from all parts of our country and spend the weekend worshipping God, praying, and encouraging each other is truly amazing.† ~ Terry, AL

Just a few words to convey my gratitude for being included as a seminar leader for Insight to Freedom. My life has been blessed by you and your ministry. The most recent meeting here in Indy, is a continuation of God's snowball rolling down and unending hill. Snowballs in this manner get bigger and bigger, just like the Insight to Freedom Men's Conferences getting better and better. I really didn't think it was possible. The teaching and fellowship, are second to none. In our Lord's time we will take this message to Romania. ~ In His Love,† John, IN

My husband attended an Insight to Freedom Men's Conference and has been so on-fire for the Lord since that time. It feels sometimes as if my husband has found his true self.† I don't have the words to say thanks to all the men that attended and had an impact on my husband.† I think that all men need comraderie... but more than that, people that care and are interested in the development of character, friendship, and spiritual maturity of those around them.† God Bless You! ~ Becky, VA

At a time in my life when everything was in complete chaos and the Word of God just seemed too vast and diffused for me to make any sense of it, the principles taught in Insight To Freedomís Basic Seminar provided me with organized and understandable instruction in Godís Word which I could then apply to my marriage, my relationships, and my job. The Basic Seminar transformed my life.Ē ~ Sam, NY



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