Branches of the Vine Therapeutic Massage

Branches of the Vine Therapeutic Massage
Branches of the Vine Therapeutic Massage Branches of the Vine Therapeutic Massage Branches of the Vine Therapeutic Massage    
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John 15:5

911 East 86th Street, Suite #30
Indianapolis, IN 46240
  • Pafrimmer Deep Muscles
  • Raindrop Therapy
  • Craniosacral
  • Medical Message
  • Nutritional Couseling
  • Pre-Natal Massage
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About Us

Pam Milligan owns Branches of the Vine Therapeutic Massage. Pam attended Alexandria School of Scientific Therapeutics and graduated with over 1000 hours of study. The curriculum studied was physical manipulations, anatomy, physiology, nutrition, hygiene and ethics.

Pam continued in her education by completing the 80-hour Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy course. Pfrimmer is a Corrective and Prevention of Crippling Condition therapy. Pam trained in Active Isolated Stretching under Aaron Mattes. AIS is a therapy by which muscles are stretched to release adhesions and bring muscles back into proper working order so blood and lymph can circulate through the body correctly.
She is also a certified laughter leader trained under Steve Wilson.

Recently introduced into practice is a Far Infrared Sauna. The benefits of Infrared Therapy have been studied in Japan and Europe for decades and recently have been studied here in the United States. A few benefits are; help with SAD, increased blood flow, decrease of joint stiffness, relief of muscle spasms, pain relief, increases extensibility of collagen tissue, improve skin tone and elasticity, helps open wounds heal quicker and with less scarring, breaks up cellulite, boosts immune system, and weight loss.

Pam has two grown children and two wonderful grandchildren. Pam is a member of ABMP (Associated Bodywork Massage Professionals.) IAPDMT (International Association of Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy.) Indiana Licensed Massage Therapist.

Specials / Coupons

As first time client you are entitled to $25 off on your first massage and a free nutrional evaluation to get you started to a healthier lifestyle.


"Pam is a true professional and cares personally about her clients. She knows Nutrition and can help put you on a program for overall health that can change your life. Through massage work she can also help correct problems that effect you overall well being and performance. If you just need some stress relief she is awesome."
Kenton Yohey,
"I can testify that God has brought unexpected and profound healing to my body by way of this woman and I praise Him for His work through her.My husband has noticed a great improvement in my health, so have my friends and family. I have recieved Pfrimmer massages through Pam Milligan for two years. I pray she will always be able to care for me while I live on the face of this earth and that we can share in each others lives until the day Jesus calls us both home. It is my priviledge and pleasure to highly recommmend her services. I have gone to other massage therapists and no one has even come close to hinting at the benefits I've recieved since being under her care and attention. And this is what you too will recieve- God's healing touch through her skill, care, and attention."
Diane Burns 


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1. Really, Really Goodt!
- October 11, 2012
My wife and myself have had Pam work on both of us for several years now and I believe she is not only caring, professional, and experienced but really good. She absolutely knows what she is doing and is very good at doing it. I believe seeing Pam has improved our health. Thanks Pam.
Kdy Greenwood, IN.